Deposits and guarantees

Car rental and security deposit: what is it and how does it work?

When renting a vehicle, the security deposit is an obligatory step because the rental company is granting the customer the use of a valuable asset and must therefore ensure that it is protected.
The deposit is a sum of money that is blocked as a precautionary guarantee and is used to verify the validity of the credit card presented.
The rental company agrees to return the sum of money after verifying the good condition of the vehicle and the proper fulfillment of the driver’s obligations.

Return of the deposit: timing and what to do?

Our systems release the deposit in the hours immediately following the closing of the rental contract. In this regard, you will be issued or emailed a receipt of the release by Moventur. However, it may happen that the released amount is not immediately available on your bank statement. Unfortunately, we are able to release the funds but have no control over the actual timing of the re-credit, which is coordinated by the credit card companies and interbank networks. In some periods, it may take 7 to 30 days from the date of release to see the amounts under review on your statement.
If you should have any concerns or questions, and your rental has already ended, we recommend that you contact your Bank for information or assistance.

How much is the security deposit?

The amount of money that is blocked depends on the category of vehicle, for this reason there is no fixed or standardized cost that applies to every vehicle.

Below is the table with the specifics on security deposits for each different category of vehicle:

Gruppi Ita Model Standard deposit Standard deposit Business/Premium deposit insurance
B Panda or similar 850 € 450 € 70 €
B2 Peugeot 108 or similar 850 € 450 € 70 €
BA Vw Up Aut or similar 850 € 450 € 70 €
C Renault Clio or similar 850 € 450 € 70 €
CA Citroen C3 Aut or similar 850 € 450 € 70 €
D Fiat 500X or similar 900 € 500 € 70 €
DA Fiat 500X Aut or similar 900 € 500 € 70 €
E Opel Mokka or similar 900 € 500 € 70 €
EA Opel Mokka aut or similar 900 € 500 € 70 €
F Ford Ecosport or similar 900 € 600 € 70 €
FA Ford Ecosport Aut or similar 900 € 600 € 70 €
B5 Fiat 500 850 € 450 € 70 €
B5A Fiat 500 Aut 850 € 450 € 70 €
L Vw Caravelle 9p or similar 950 € 700 € 70 €
SW Fiat Tipo Sw or similar 900 € 600 € 70 €
SWA Fiat Tipo sw aut or similar 900 € 600 € 70 €

*For the category of vehicle under consideration, two financial credit cards are required to guarantee the rental to be presented at the desk when the vehicle is picked up. The two cards must both be in the name of the signer of the rental contract.