Rental Agreament

The rental of vehicles by the company Moventur srl or its affiliates or dealers (hereinafter, the “Lessor”), is governed by these general conditions of rental, including the privacy policy (hereinafter, the “General Conditions of Rental”), the letter / rental agreement signed by the customer (hereinafter, the “Client”) at the time of rental, the Moventur Price List in force at the time of signing the same letter/contract of rental, viewed by the Client, who declares to have taken full and complete knowledge thereof (hereinafter, collectively, the “contractual documentation” or the “contract”).

The Client, by signing the Rental Letter, declares that he/she has read and accepts the General Rental Conditions and specifically approves the following articles: Art. 2 (Booking and payment methods and times of the rental), Art. 6 (Use of the Vehicle), Art. 7 (Delivery and return of the Vehicle), Art. 8 (Responsibility of the Customer), Art. 9 (Contract in the name and / or on behalf of third parties and jointly and severally liable), Art. 11 (Charges), Art. 13 (Termination Clause), Art. 14 (Contract Modifications), Art. 15 (Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction), Art. 16 (Translation), Art. 17 (Interpretation), Art. 18 (Use of Satellite Devices), Art. 20 (Domicile and Communications).

ART. 1 (The Customer – Requirements).
  1. Both the Client, as holder of the rental agreement, and each driver authorized to drive the vehicle identified in the rental letter/contract must comply with the identification and qualification formalities required by the Lessor. Each driver of the Vehicle undertakes not to provide false information regarding his/her own personal details and the possession of all requisites for driving qualification.

  2. Both the Client and each licensed driver must be between 19 and 85 years of age. For the rental of the vehicle is necessary to have a credit card.

  3. In any case, the Lessor has the right to refuse the conclusion of the rental agreement at its free and unquestionable discretion, without giving any reason to the Lessee.
ART. 2 (Modalities and times of booking and payment of the rental)
  1. The payment of the rental is made with major credit cards, debit cards. Except in the case of rental of the Vehicle with “Prepaid” rate, the payment of the fee must be made upon delivery of the Vehicle.

  2. For rentals longer than 28 days, the payment of the fee must be made in advance every 28 days. Bookings are accepted only on the basis of the category of the Vehicle to which the one selected by the Client belongs; preferences in models are subject to the availability of the Lessor and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. In case of unavailability of the booked Vehicle, the Lessor reserves the right to replace it with another of the same or higher category; in case of unavailability of the latter, the replacement will be made with a vehicle of lower category, with consequent recalculation of the rate. In case of absolute unavailability to assign a replacement vehicle, or in case of opposition of the Client to accept the vehicle of a lower category proposed by the Lessor in substitution of the booked one, the only burden of the Lessor will be that of the restitution of all the amount paid up to that moment by the Client or charged to him for the rental of the vehicle. The reimbursement will be made by crediting the amount paid by the Client to the credit card used for the payment.

  3. Any changes requested by the Client regarding a rental booked with a “Non Prepaid” rate are subject to availability and must be previously agreed upon by phone with the Lessor. The rate will be recalculated and a penalty fee of €50,00 (VAT excluded) will be applied, for changes made within 48 hours prior to the pickup indicated in the original reservation. The cancellation by the Client of a rental reservation with a “Non Prepaid” rate will result in the charge of a penalty equal to 10% of the cost of the booked and cancelled rental, or 20% if the cancellation occurs within 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up. The Client expressly authorizes the Lessor to charge these amounts to the credit card indicated during the booking process.

  4. Reservations made on the website of the Lessor (, benefit from the special rate “Prepaid Online” and involve, at the time of booking, the charge of the entire cost of the rental on the credit card indicated by the Client. This amount, retained as a deposit, is not refundable in case of cancellation, or in case of change of the items specified by the customer at the time of booking (dates, name, type of vehicle, etc..), or in case of early return of the vehicle. Cancellations made within 24 hours prior to the pick-up indicated in the original booking will be fully refunded less bank charges, subject to notification by email. No request for cancellation made more than 24 hours, or within the same day scheduled for the collection of the vehicle, will be considered.

  5. At the time of booking or at the time of signing the Contract, the Client undertakes to present his credit card to the Lessor, who will note the credit card number and expiration date and will charge the credit card as a deposit according to the Moventur Tariff (security deposits). The Client, by signing the Contract, also authorizes the Lessor to charge the credit card presented with the amounts corresponding to the rental fees in full (e.g.: excess kilometers, extra days, etc.), damages found upon return, deductibles and any expenses and damages that may be found after the return of the Vehicle (e.g.: dent not detected because the return was made in the evening, handling fees, fines, freeway tolls, etc.).

  6. The Lessor is entitled to ask the Client for an additional deposit on the credit card or to supplement the same with another guarantee. Such additional deposit, which will not be counted in the Client’s rent account and will not produce any kind of interest, will be returned upon termination for any reason of the lease, minus what the Client may owe to the Lessor.
ART. 3 (Driving the vehicle).

Both the Client and the driver must be in possession of a valid driving license for the rented vehicle, issued at least 12 months ago. People under 25 years of age are allowed to drive the rented vehicle with the application of a daily supplement in relation to certain categories of vehicles identified by the Lessor according to the age range. This supplement shall be applied to the extent indicated in the Schedule of Rates.

ART. 4 (Refueling).

The Client is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as at the beginning of the rental period, unless he/she has purchased the “Full Prepaid” option in the Moventur Price List. In case the Client fails to refuel the vehicle, the Lessor will charge the Client the cost of the service as stated in the Moventur Rate Card and the missing liters of fuel.

ART. 5 (Liability Insurance).
  1. The Lessor has provided insurance for the rented vehicle with the following insurances – maximum single liability 5,160,000 driver injuries (only if you buy PAI over the counter) – roadside assistance (only if you buy over the counter). In case of accident, the Client must fill in all parts of the CAI form (friendly statement of incident) existing on the vehicle indicating the names of the third parties present at the event, the damage caused to the vehicles and specifying the location of the vehicle. This documentation must be delivered as soon as possible to the lessor and in any case within 24 hours of the event.

  2. The Client undertakes not to make in any case declarations of responsibility and/or uncertainties regarding the dynamics of the accident. The Client also undertakes to provide maximum cooperation to the Lessor and its insurers in all disputes arising from the use of the rented vehicle.

  3. The Lessor reserves the right to claim against the Client in the following cases: (a) if the insurance coverage becomes inoperative in the event that the client has directly or indirectly caused the claim; (b) for the reimbursement of uncovered insurance over and above the limits. In this regard, the client accepts any risk in the first person, being aware that he is the only one responsible for the rented vehicle.

  4. All damages of any nature and extent must be reported in writing to the lessor within 24 hours. In case of violation of this provision, the client will be liable for all damages resulting from the failure to report or its delay.

  5. Under no circumstances shall the lessor be liable for any additional objects, goods or accessories contained in the vehicle, or in any case transported by the same.

  6. The Client is aware that the security deposit pre-authorized on his credit cards will be returned only once it has been ascertained whether or not he is responsible, and if so, any amounts to be deducted. In case of inability of the deposit, the part not covered by the deposit will be charged on the credit card or otherwise must be refunded to the Lessor.
ART. 6 (Use of the vehicle).
  1.  The Client undertakes to keep and use the Vehicle with the utmost care and diligence, in compliance with the destination and characteristics indicated in the registration certificate and within the limits provided for by law, as well as
    (a) not to sublet or rent the Vehicle;
    (b) not to entrust the driving of the Vehicle to persons other than those authorized in the rental letter/contract;
    (c) not to perform any repair work on the rented Vehicle without the written consent of the Lessor and/or without complying with its instructions;
    (d) immediately inform the Lessor of any faults or anomalies of the Vehicle, stopping the circulation of the same and referring to the Lessor’s instructions regarding the possible replacement or return of the Vehicle;
    (e) refuel the Vehicle using the correct fuel, also maintaining it diligently, checking the level of liquids and topping up where necessary. It should also be noted that the vehicles are supplied with the fuel used on average in the areas where they are located in the garage, so in cases where it is useful to provide for the topping up of antifreeze is the sole obligation of the customer to do so; Moventur will be held fully relieved for any problems or damage caused in this case, since it will be considered negligence of the driver and his sole responsibility in the execution of the contract. In this regard, being carelessness, any damage to the vehicle will be charged in full to the customer, due to total forfeiture of any protection subscribed or original deductible damage when booking, necessary, the appropriate topping up;
    (f) not to drive the vehicle if the tires do not have the prescribed pressure, and to check the conditions of maintenance and use of the same assuming any and all responsibility in case of failure to comply with this obligation;
    (g) not to drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicants or other substances capable of impairing the ability to understand and react;
    (h) to keep the vehicle with the diligence of a good family man, activating all existing security devices, avoiding leaving in evidence devices or valuables inside the vehicle and, in general, doing everything necessary to ensure the best security of the property of the Lessor;
    (i) not to circulate the vehicle in countries other than those expressly indicated in the rental letter/contract, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor; to this end, the “green card” (international certificate of insurance), delivered together with the documents accompanying the vehicle, does not constitute an authorization in this sense, but a completion of the documents; in the event of transit in countries where the Client has undertaken not to circulate the vehicle, the insurance coverage and the covenants of limitation and exclusion of its liability will no longer be effective and any cost the Lessor may incur due to failure to comply with the commitment will be borne by the Client who must compensate him;
    (l) not to use the Vehicle for the transport of contraband, explosive material, pollutants or for any other transport in violation of laws or regulations;
    (m) not to use the Vehicle for competitions of any kind, sporting or otherwise, or for testing of routes, even on motor circuits, as well as to give driving lessons or practice the same
    (n) not to use the vehicle on bumpy roads or roads unsuitable for the technical characteristics of the same;
    (o) not to use the vehicle to push or tow another vehicle or trailer;
    (p) not to use the vehicle for any other use in violation of laws or regulations, even if not expressly referred to in this article;
    (q) to promptly inform the Lessor of any report that may be notified to him by any authority and with reference to the vehicle during the period in which it was rented.

  2. In case of violation of the rules set forth in the preceding points, the Client is liable towards the Lessor for any damage and theft of the Vehicle with the right of the Lessor to proceed with the immediate charge. Similarly, the Client will lose any additional coverage stipulated with the Lessor. Moreover, the Lessor reserves the right/ faculty to immediately terminate the contract, taking back the possession of the vehicle in any place and time. Even in such a case, the Client will still have to pay the agreed fee for the entire rental period, the extra fee foreseen in the general terms and conditions for the additional driver, the cost of the technical stop of the vehicle as well as the cost for its withdrawal, and this also as a penalty for both damage and loss of profit.
ART. 7 (delivery and return of the vehicle).

The Lessor delivers the vehicle to the Lessee, complete with all the accessories required by law and all the documentation necessary for circulation. With the delivery of the Vehicle, the Lessee acknowledges that the same, with the equipment, tools and all accessories delivered to him by the Lessor, is in verified mechanical working condition, in good general condition and in compliance with the agreed use.

  1. The replacement of the Vehicle is included in the rental fee, except in case of breakdowns due to the Client’s own fault, or to his willful misconduct.

  2. In case of failure to return the documents accompanying the vehicle and / or license plate, the Customer agrees to pay, as a penalty, an amount equal to the rate “Standard” daily rental for each day needed until the duplication of the same, except for compensation for expenses and further damage.

  3. In case of failure to return the keys of the Vehicle, for any reason whatsoever, and even if the Vehicle has been returned, the Customer is obliged to pay as a penalty an amount equal to the “Standard” rate of daily rental of the Vehicle for each day of delay until the return of the same, or upon presentation of the original report of loss or theft made to the competent authorities, increased by a sum whose amount is indicated in the Moventur Price List, without prejudice to any further damage.

  4. In case of failure to return or damage to the standard and additional accessories of the Vehicle, for whatever reason, the Customer is required to pay, as a penalty, an amount indicated in the Moventur Price List, without prejudice to the greater damage.

  5. Any claim or complaint against the Lessor in relation to the rental made may be made under penalty of forfeiture by the Client within and no later than 10 days from the date of return of the Vehicle.

  6. The Lessor delivers the Vehicle to the Client, complete with all accessories required by law and all documentation necessary for circulation. With the delivery of the Vehicle, the Client acknowledges that the latter, with the equipment, tools and all accessories delivered to him by the Lessor, is in verified conditions of mechanical operation, in good general condition and in compliance with the agreed use.

  7. The Client undertakes to return the Vehicle, together with its accessories and documents, free of things or goods, in compliance with the times and places indicated in the rental letter/contract, in the same conditions in which it was delivered, including cleaning, except for wear proportionate to the duration of the rental period and the mileage covered.

  8. Upon return, the Client must verify, in contradiction with the Lessor, the state of the Vehicle, ascertaining and signing any discrepancies with what is indicated in the rental letter/contract at the time of delivery. The contents of the report of delivery will be full proof between the parties. In case of failure to jointly check, the Client expressly authorizes from now on the Lessor to charge for any damage found on the Vehicle even after delivery.

  9. In case of failure to return the Vehicle within the time specified in the rental letter/contract (i.e. after 59 minutes beyond the deadline established therein), the Client undertakes to pay, as a penalty, an amount equal to the “Standard” daily rental rate of the Vehicle for each day of delay until return, without prejudice in any case to greater damages, unless written authorization has been issued by the Lessor to continue the rental. In this case, until the end of the authorized period, the previously agreed rate will be due; after this period, the above penalty will be applied again. For rates subject to time limits (e.g. weekends, vacations), once the grace period has elapsed, the possibility of applying such rates will lapse and the entire rental will be charged at the “Standard” daily rental rate.

  10. In case of failure to return the vehicle in the place indicated in the rental letter/contract, but still at an Agency of the Lessor, the fees provided therein for the “rental to leave” shall apply. The Client, in any case, undertakes to pay as a penalty the amount indicated in the Moventur Price List. The Vehicle must be returned during the opening hours of the Agency from which it was taken over, or, at the request of the Client, at another Agency of the Lessor. In the case of delivery outside the opening hours of the Agency, the rental is considered to be completed during the reopening hours of the Agency, provided that the vehicle was actually taken over by the Agency – both for the purposes of determining the fee, which to those of the liability associated with the possession of the vehicle itself (by way of example and not limited to, in relation to fines, damage, theft and / or total or partial fire).

  11. In case of failure or simple request by the Lessor, the Vehicle must be returned by the Client at any Lessor’s Agency that will replace the same subject to availability, without any charge to the Lessor and subject to the right of the latter, at its sole discretion, not to grant a replacement vehicle in case of insolvency, theft, fire or serious accident of the rented vehicle. Any replacement will take place, as a rule, with a vehicle of the same category, in case of unavailability may be delivered to the customer a vehicle of lower or higher category, applying the reductions and surcharges provided for in the manner indicated in the Schedule of Rates Moventur.
ART. 8 (Responsibility of the customer).
  1. The Customer agrees not to use the vehicle in violation of laws and/or regulations of the State. Moreover, he/she undertakes to relieve the Lessor from any civil and criminal liability arising from violations, seizures, penalties, irregular use and conditions of the rented vehicle, the latter if not attributable to the Lessor itself.

  2. In particular, the Lessor is exempt from any responsibility or risk related to the loss or damage to persons or things deriving from the use of the rented vehicle and the Client agrees to hold the Lessor harmless from any claim, action or demand of third parties deriving from or connected to the use of the rented vehicle. The Client undertakes to reimburse the Lessor for any advance payment, in addition to all administrative expenses incurred.

  3. In any case the vehicle is banned from circulation due to causes directly or indirectly attributable to the Client, the Client shall continue to bear the fee until the normal authorization to circulate the vehicle is restored.

  4. In case of theft, fire, robbery or damage of the rented vehicle, the Client shall pay the deductibles indicated in the rental agreement, unless the Client subscribes to one of the proposed covers, Regular, Business or Premium, described in the Lessor’s special conditions.

  5. The Client shall also be liable for damages resulting from carelessness and damages resulting from non-compliance with the rules established in the present conditions.

  6. Routine and extraordinary maintenance necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle will be provided exclusively by the Lessor. The rental fee does not include damage:
    (i) to the interior of the vehicle;
    (ii) to the wheels and tires;
    (iii) resulting from neglect and / or improper use of the vehicle;
    (iv) the roof and underbody;
    (v) caused by failure to assess the height and width of the vehicle and objects protruding or overhanging the roof;
    (vi) the clutch kit due to the so-called over-revving of the engine;
    (vii) all damages caused by violation of the provisions on the use of the vehicle provided for in art. 6 above.

  7. The Customer shall forfeit the right to assistance in case of violation of the provisions of the previous points and of art. 6. In this case he will be charged the full amount of damages suffered by the vehicle.

  8. The Client is also responsible for the consequences of violations of the law related to the circulation of rented vehicles. All fines for such violations, as well as the management costs of such violations are and remain the responsibility of the Client. Therefore, the Client undertakes to pay all fines or charges of any nature deriving from such violations, relieving the Lessor from any direct or indirect prejudicial consequence. To this end, the Lessor will provide, where possible, to request the issuing Institutions to notify the Client of any acts delivered to him. Should the request for notification not be possible, the Lessor shall directly provide for the payment of the amounts requested, as specified in the violation reports, with subsequent charge to the Client as compensation for damages suffered. In any case, for each document that is delivered to the Lessor, the Lessor shall have the right to charge the Client the administrative costs of handling the file for an amount of € 50, 00 (including VAT).

  9. In case of notification of tax bills for the non-payment of sanctions committed to the violation of the rules on the circulation of the Vehicle, the Lessor shall charge back to the Client the amount of the tax bills, increased by the administrative expenses of the practice management.

  10. In the occurrence of the assumptions referred to in the preceding points and in order to exclude any liability, it is the right of the Lessor to promptly produce to the competent authorities the Registers and Documents certifying the identity of the Vehicle User at the time of the dispute.
Art. 9 (Contract in the name and / or on behalf of a third party and jointly and severally liable).

Whoever enters into the rental agreement in the name and/or on behalf of a third party is jointly and severally liable with the third party for the full compliance with all obligations contained in the rental agreement, without the benefit of prior enforcement; the Customer who enters into the rental agreement is in any case liable for any fact, action or omission attributable to the driver of the vehicle. All customers and/or additional authorized drivers as well as credit card holders will be jointly and severally responsible for all the obligations of the holder of the rental letter arising from the contract and the laws applicable to the same. 

ART. 10 (theft and robbery)
  1. In case of theft or robbery, the Client undertakes to immediately notify the Lessor and report to the competent authorities. The Client is also obliged to deliver to the Lessor the following documents:
    (i) original or notarized copy of the report;
    (ii) keys to the vehicle (except in the case of robbery);
    (iii) keys to the installed anti-theft device (except in the case of robbery);
    (iv) more generally any other document of the vehicle that may remain in his possession, all as soon as possible and in any case no later than 24 hours after the fact.

  2. Failure to return to the Lessor all the keys to the vehicle and those of any anti-theft device, except in the case of robbery and except for the sole hypothesis, to be documented with the delivery of the relevant receipt or receipt, of parking the vehicle in an authorized parking lot with delivery of the keys, will constitute a violation of the rules relating to the use of the vehicle in art. 6. In this case, therefore, will be charged to the customer as a penalty, an amount equal to the commercial value of the vehicle at the time of theft, with reference to the quotations of Quattro Ruote.

  3. The Customer accepts, stating that he/she is aware of this, that even in case of theft and robbery and regardless of compliance with the obligations referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, the authorization to draw on his/her credit cards will be returned to him/her only once the responsibilities have been officially ascertained and any amounts to be deducted.

  4. The Client also assumes on himself any risk inherent or even only related to the theft or robbery of the vehicle, being aware that he is the only one responsible for its custody and its circulation, having the use and possession. Therefore, uncovered amounts and deductibles not paid to the Insurance Company are the sole responsibility of the Client.

  5. Always in relation to the provisions of the preceding points, the Lessor has the right to claim against the Client:
    (a) if the insurance coverage becomes inoperative due to the Client having directly or indirectly determined or facilitated the theft or robbery;
    (b) for the reimbursement of uncovered amounts and deductibles not covered by the Insurance.
ART. 11 (Charges).

The Client is obligated to pay to the Lessor:
(a) the rental fee, determined according to the criteria defined in the Moventur Rate Schedule and published on the website www.Moventur. it and in the information documents available at the Moventur Agencies, as well as defined in the agreements with the Tour Operators; in fact, it should be noted that in case of rentals concluded through Tour Operators, the Client remains jointly and severally obliged with the same towards the Lessor for the payment of the amounts due under the rental relationship;
(b) the reimbursement of expenses incurred for the recovery of the Vehicle not returned to the agreed location for any reason whatsoever;
(c) the amount of fines charged to the Client and/or Lessor for violations of the Highway Code or other applicable regulations, committed by the Client during the rental of the Vehicle;
(d) any other amount due under the previous articles (including, by way of example and not exhaustive: refueling service, trip-to-leave service, substitutions, after-hours service, surcharges, penalties, compensation and indemnification.

ART. 12 (Processing of personal data).

Pursuant to GDPR 679/2016, the customer declares to have received and read what is reported in the privacy policy. The Customer’s personal data will be processed in order to:
(a) provide rental services and
(b) evaluate whether to provide rental services in the future. The Lessor will provide the Client’s personal data, according to what is established by the regulations in force and, if necessary, with the Client’s explicit consent, to
a1) companies or subjects connected to Moventur, by virtue of relationships of collaboration, partnership, affiliation, agency, or other, limited to what is necessary for the provision of rental services and for the execution of the reservation;
b1) Supervisory Authorities/Local Authorities and companies in charge of parking management if such information is necessary for the performance of the service and within the limits provided by the regulations in force, or for the purpose of verifying the validity of the Client’s driving license;
c) third parties acting on behalf of the Lessor in the management of disputes, credit recovery and the elaboration of surveys among Clients, which the Lessor uses to improve its services. The Customer has the right to access his/her personal information held by the Lessor (including for a fee if permitted by law) and may request to restrict, modify, block or remove any personal information in all cases provided by law, as stated in the “Privacy Policy” on MOVENTUR services. The data controller is the provider of the rental service, as also reported in the aforementioned “Privacy Policy”.

ART. 13 (Termination clause).
  1. According to art. 1456 c.c. the Lessor reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement, in the following cases:
    (i) when the Client has caused serious damage to the vehicle such as to preclude the safety of the same;
    (ii) when the cost of repairing the damages caused to the vehicle, subject to the unquestionable quantification of the Lessor, is equal to or greater than 50% of its commercial value inferred from Quattro Ruote magazine;
    (iii) when the Client has violated even only one of the clauses of the rental letter/contract and of these general conditions.

  2. In case of exercise of the right of termination by the Lessor, the Client, therefore upon simple request by the former, shall immediately stop using the vehicle and return it to the Lessor’s premises or to another place expressly indicated by the latter.

  3. The exercise of the right of termination by the Lessor, does not release the Client from the obligation to pay the rents agreed upon until the end of the rental period. Therefore the fees already advanced shall not be reimbursed by the Lessor, while those still to be collected shall be charged to the Client, one and the other as irreducible penalty, unless the Lessor shall be compensated for the greater damage suffered. In addition to such fees, the Lessor will charge the Client and the latter will be obliged to pay the amount of €50,00 (including VAT) as reimbursement of expenses for handling the file.

  4. For its part, the Client shall have the right of early termination if the Lessor is involved in the following facts:
    (a) bankruptcy petition;
    (b) proposal of arrangement with creditors;
    (c) submission of the controlling shareholders or administrators to precautionary measures;
    (d) revocation of the authorizations for the rental operation. In these cases, the Customer shall pay only the agreed fees accrued in the rental period actually enjoyed and up to the time of return of the vehicle. It is excluded any right of the customer to compensation for damages for the period of non-use of the service, waiving the latter expressly.
Art.14 (Contractual modifications).

No changes can be made to these General Conditions without the consent of a representative of the Lessor with a suitable written power of attorney.

ART. 15 (Applicable Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction).

The rental agreement signed by the parties will be governed exclusively by Italian law. For any legal controversy that may arise regarding the validity, interpretation, execution or termination of this agreement, the Court of Verona shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

ART. 16 (Translation).

In case of doubts or differences in interpretation, the Italian language version shall prevail over the English version.

ART. 17 (Interpretation).

Should any of the provisions of the rental letter/contract and of these general conditions be deemed invalid or ineffective, in whole or in part, the same will be disapplied and the contract will remain valid and effective for the remaining provisions.

ART. 18 (Use of satellite devices).

The Customer expressly consents to the use of satellite devices capable of detecting and tracking at any time the location of the rented vehicle, in accordance with what is read in the Privacy Policy. He declares himself to be aware that such data may be communicated to Judicial Authorities, Law Firms, Companies specialized in the prevention and management of theft or accidents and Insurance Companies. He authorizes the Lessor to use the contents for any action in defense of his rights.

ART. 19 (Claims).

In case of an accident, the Client is obliged to promptly communicate by phone the event or the circumstances that could lead the vehicle to an accident, without any delay, by sending an email with a brief description of the accident to the address: The Client is also obliged to communicate the accident during check-in (by ticking the appropriate box on the model), delivering a copy of the model of friendly acknowledgement (CAI) and/or the relative report of the police intervention in case they intervened. In the case of return of the vehicle at times when the staff is absent, with delivery in the key box, the customer agrees to leave a copy of the cid and any report, inside the vehicle (on the front right seat, passenger side). In all cases where the client violates the communication obligations arising from this article, any subsequent disputes will be handled directly by our legal department. Please note that the CAI form does not exclude the Client’s liability until the insurance company concerned has declared it “active” for the Lessor.

ART. 20 (Communications).

Any communication from the Customer must be sent by pec, or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to the following addresses: ; registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Moventur Srl – Via Torricelli 27 – 37136 Verona (VR). Communications will be considered as received on the date indicated on the notice of delivery of the e-mail, or receipt of the registered letter, or on the fax receipt.

DELAYED CHARGE” CONTRACT (Content of the service) The “Delayed Charge” service allows Moventur S.r.l. to debit the holder of the credit card used for the car rental service with all the amounts received or detected after the return of the vehicle relating to taxes, fuel, drop off (return of the vehicle to an agency other than the one where it was picked up), administrative expenses for notification of fines, deductible kasko, deductible theft, fire and robbery, insurance, non-payment of tolls, fines, accessories, damage caused to the vehicle. The amounts subject to the “Delayed Charged” service must be clearly documented and unequivocally traceable to the Holder.